Diploma Programme FAQ

How old is the JDMIS?

The JDMIS is a new school founded in 2007. It has grown out of the Creative Jewellery Studio, a school that was started by the JDMIS Dean Mrs. Tanja Sadow and has been operating in Singapore since 1995. In the last 10 years, before becoming the JDMIS, the Creative Jewellery Studio trained over eleven thousand students in Singapore and the World.

Where is the JDMIS located?

At present the JDMIS has its administrative office, student workshop and four classrooms on the 2nd storey of Shaw Towers Gallery, an established landmark in the Arts & Heritage District a stone's throw from the Raffles Hotel.

How many people will be in my class?

The school's student workshop and four classrooms have a total capacity of 60. In an individual class you will have between 5 and 11 classmates depending on the type of course and method of presentation. For any skills based courses, the school maintains a student-to-teacher ratio of 10:1 or better.

Who will be teaching the courses?

Mrs. Tanja Sadow, Dean of the JDMIS will be supervising your classes and providing key instruction. Her team of GJPA professional jewellery instructors will be working with students throughout the courses to ensure everyone understands and successfully completes the project work.

I already have a business degree/experience with jewellery fabrication - can I get credit for some diploma modules?
The answer to this question depends on the courses you have completed, your transcripts and/or proven abilities. In principle, the JDMIS does not want to force its students to sit though courses in subjects with which they are already proficient; we are concerned about placing our students in advanced classes if they do not have an adequate foundation - as such it is our policy to review each request on its own merits. Make sure you identify the modules you would like to receive credit for in your application form and provide as much supporting information as possible. Our admissions board will review all requests individually and reply within 4-8 working days.

How much do the courses cost?

Our diplomas cost $17,000 - $19,000 for a 6 month program, not including GST, registration and application fees ($600 and $50 respectively). Our pricing policy is such that we include all tools and materials you will need to complete your coursework. Your only additional costs are for materials you intend to use in your self-study or personal projects. Furthermore, the tools you receive as part of your course are yours to keep - our students leave our diploma courses with the skills and equipment they need to create unique and high quality jewellery!

How can I pay for the diploma course?

For application and registration fees, we accept many payment methods, if you want to pay over the phone the head office can accept Visa & Mastercard. If you visit the office, they can take any credit card, NETS or Singapore dollar cheque. If you use internet banking, we also accept local bank MAPS transfers and international wire transfers.
Foreign students are required to may their tuition payments to a third-party escrow service provider authorized by the Consumer Association of Singapore. This escrow payment is a requirement for the issuance of Student Passes by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority and provides additional protection for students. Complete details of the escrow payment process are provided upon your admission to the JDMIS together with your letter of acceptance.
For Singaporean students or permanent residents, escrow payment is also an option (and is recommended for the additional prodection it provides) however it is not required. Regardless of your choice to use escrow, for your tuition fees, the JDMIS recommends TCC, a local credit union that provides very competitive educational loans. If you would like more information on this we can email you their details or ask one of their credit consultants to call you. Alternatively you can approach your bank and ask them about educational loan programs. They will typically disburse payment upon completion of a credit check and receipt of your letter of offer from the JDMIS; this process can take up to 3-4 weeks so be sure to apply early!