New Technology and Mixed Media

  • Modern Jewellery Technology

    Modern Jewellery Technology

    Using an untra-fine matrix of silver particles and water, you can mould with your fingers! Completed your masterpiece? Sinter the powder to produce Pure, Solid Silver Jewellery!

  • Highest Quality Materials

    Highest Quality Materials

    From the leading brand of powdered silver, to professional tools and equipment, to a fully-fledged jewellery workshop, there is nowhere better to find your inspiration and create!

  • A Whole New Level of 'Unique'!

    A Whole New Level of 'Unique'!

    'Unique' something everyone aspires to produce - now you can be sure your designs are not only one-of-a-kind, but also express your personal creativity, style or passion!


What is Metal Clay?!

'Metal clay' is a new jewellery technology that comes from advances in powder metallurgy. It is composed of pure silver particles, water and binders. In this form it is soft and malleable like plasticine: very easy to sculpt into any shape you can imagine. When your design is ready, you 'fire' the piece - raising it to high temperatures and causing the water and binders to evaporate and the metal particles to 'sinter' or fuse together, leaving a solid metal jewellery design! In this Silver-jewellery making workshop, you will use Silver Metal Clay, and produce a design in pure silver (999 silver, more pure than sterling or 925 silver!)

 You will Learn...


Glass Fusing and Glass Setting

Glass Fusing and Glass Setting

Learn about the characteristics of coloured glass and how to properly evaluate and combine glass of different refractive indices to form creative fused-glass centre pieces. Later use these to combine glass & metal clay silver, with an emphasis on setting and firing techniques that will not damage the glass components. Practice safe handling, fusing and firing of glass.

Setting of materials that cannot be fired

Setting of materials that cannot be fired

There are both technical and creative challenges to the use of gemstones and organic materials that cannot be fired. Using bezel wire it is possible to design and create in stages and assemble components after firing and finishing.


Advanced Stone Setting Skills

Advanced Stone Setting Skills

Use flush-setting techniques to accurately and securely set large numbers of small gemstones. ‘Encrusting’ or covering a surface with small gems, is used to practice fine setting skills.

Advanced Carving and Modelling Techniques

Advanced Carving and Modelling Techniques

Master the creation of crisp lines and accurate symmetry as well as invisible joins and effective repairs so as to produce quality, professional looking jewellery with sharp features.

 Everything Included!

Like all JDMIS courses, students receive everything they need to complete all their coursework, plus all the tools and equipment they require to continue putting their skills to use from home or work. In this case, participants receive over a hundred grams of pure silver (and over 300 grams of Copper, Silver and Gold as they progress through all 3 of our Powder Metallurgy certifications), gemstones and a full-set of tools. Prices even include GST, so there are no hidden costs!





This course is part of the Precious Metal Art learning path, also referred to as MA

Participants attending and completing this programme can choose to enroll for the full diploma

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Course Fee

Course Fee


inclusive of GST

Course Duration

Course Duration

40 hours

7 weeks (1 day/week), or

14 weeks (1 half-day/week)

JDMIS runs week-day, weekend and weeknight courses for this popular course. JDMIS also has flexible make-up schedules and graduates can return without cost for refresher courses (subject to availability).


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