Design Stunning Fashion Jewellery

  • Create Stylish, Fashionable Designs!

    Create Stylish, Fashionable Designs!

    We selected some of the most trendy colours for you to incorporate into your designs. Not a fashionista? Pick from beautiful 'traditional' and timeless 'clasic' colour combinations too!

  • Use Top Quality Materials!

    Use Top Quality Materials!

    Natural gemstone minerals like amethyst and fluorite, dazzling Swarovski Crystal Elements, quality freshwater cultured pearls, reliable and robust wires from the USA and much more!

  • Learn Proven, Professional Techniques!

    Learn Proven, Professional Techniques!

    Learn skills professional jewellers use to produce quality, lasting necklaces, bracelets and earrings for their clients; tips on how to make best use of your time and materials!


  • Have you always wanted to create your own classic, elegant or trendy jewellery?
  • Have you tried your hand at 'hobby techniques' for jewellery making only to find the materials you choose are sub-standard and your designs fall apart after a short time?
  • Like the idea of becoming a fashion jewellery designer?

You will Learn...


With no experience required, this exclusive workshop covers all the basics you need to produce a stunning set of jewellery:

  • Tips for selecting colours, necklace lengths and more...
  • How to select and sort the best materials for your design
  • How to quickly create and compare design variations before you decide
  • How to professionally string a necklace or bracelet
  • How to securely fasten a clasp to your design
  • Basic wirework skills to create complementary earrings...
  • and when you wear your masterpieces, know that the quality materials and professional techniques will be sure to last!




Premium Materials: See for yourself.

  • Top-quality jewellery materials include natural gemstone minerals and genuine Swarovski Crystal elements and/or cultured pearls.
  • Take home your design, enough materials to make an extra necklace or earrings & bracelet.
  • Choose from 4 uniquely inspired Crystallized materials kits showcasing this summer's trending colours!



Amazing Value!

Ordinarily, JDMIS runs this premium experience programme for groups of up to 8 participants for $175 per person, inclusive of all materials. For a limited time, you can take part for just only $88



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Jewellery Experiences

JDMIS has a wide selection of jewellery 'Experience' courses that allow you to explore your creativity! If Fashion Jewellery Design is not for you, how about:


Join JDMIS dean and founder, Tanja Sadow and her team for a fascinating tour of the jewellery world and see what potential it holds for the shrewd buyer and the creative individual!

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Use ultra-fine powdered metal to mould and shape an unique jewellery piece that you then fire into a solid, pure silver jewellery creation that a unique expression of your creativity and passion!

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Jewellery Design and Creativity Experience

Jewellery Design and Creativity ExperienceJewellery Design and Creativity Experience
Understand how traditional and digital designers work, learn how to use colour theory and practise techniques for creative variation.

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Comprehensive Jewellery Certification

JDMIS specializes in comprehensive industry-level training! We train jewellery professionals from around the region in a wide range of jewellery topics. We also help jewellery artists excel by incorporating into their work, the techniques and best practices used by the professionals! Check out our formal Diploma programmes and their modules, which are also offered as stand-along skills certifications:


JDMIS is Singapore's only specialized educational institution focussing on the jewellery arts. Its expert instructors and respected curriculum draw jewellery professionals from top retail brands around the region!

Now you can experience how to design and make unique pure silver jewellery, in a fun 3 hour workshop! Get tips from the professionals and see just what creative possibilities are open to you!