Digital Jewellery Design 2

  • Acurate design & manufacturing = cost savings!

    Acurate design & manufacturing = cost savings!

    Jewellery manufacturers can save up to 80% of their setting and finishing costs by using computers; Even freelance designers are finding new & cost effective ways to work!

  • Prepare yourself for the future!

    Prepare yourself for the future!

    The 3D models you create are easily transmitted to 3D printers and now, even freelance designers have access to these tools via Computer Aided Manufacturing service bureaus!

  • Stunning renderings for your portfolio or customers!

    Stunning renderings for your portfolio or customers!

    You don't have to be a graphic artist savant to produce stunning visuals of your jewellery designs! Pick materials and environment and watch in awe as the scene comes to life!

  • Incredible detail!

    Incredible detail!

    Produce elaborate settings, create intricate patterns, explore your creativity with tools that let you rapidly create amazing jewellery designs!

  • Specialised jewellery software!

    Specialised jewellery software!

    Use the right tool for the right job! Like eating noodles with a spoon, 3D graphics tools leave you with repetitive frustrating work. JDMIS teaches the best-in-class jewellery tool: Matrix.

Gemvision Matrix 8

Computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD and CAM) processes are revolutionising jewellery today. Freelance designers can produce one-of-a-kind jewellery at a fraction of the cost and jewellery manufacturers can increase production time and quality well beyond what was possible using traditional hand crafting.

Jump-start your experience with CAD using industry-leading CAD software by Gemvision: Matrix 8 Together with software skills, learn useful sizes, shapes and measurements and gain substantial experience designing jewellery to specifications and rendering stunning, photorealistic images of your designs.

 You will Learn...

Additional tools

Additional tools

Learn new tools for building components or entire pieces of jewellery. Identify sources for further growth


Preparing Models for Rapid Prototyping

Preparing Models for Rapid Prototyping

Steps needed to convert working models with multiple objects into a solid object ready for rapid prototyping  are covered together with common pitfalls and challenges. Local and international service bureaus are introduced.


Introduction to CAD and CAM

Introduction to CAD and CAM

Learn CAM methods used for jewellery including milling, multi-jet modelling, and stereolithography. Production methods such as vacuum casting are also discussed to clarify the  process for production of designs from CAD.


Pavé Settings

Pavé Settings

Discover ways to space gemstones on the surface of your designs in standard pavé patterns and unusual styles. Work with large quantities of gemstones to build shared prong arrangements and neat pilot holes or azures.


Customizing and Repeating Shapes, Advanced Curves

Customizing and Repeating Shapes, Advanced Curves

Build both symmetrical and asymmetrical component based jewellery quickly and efficiently. Create advanced curved in 3 dimensions and use these gemstone placement and setting tools to achieve to unusual effect. 



With over 200 students coming through this program, feedback is consistently great! The structure and pace will keep computer nerds happy, but will also allow traditional artists to become efficient CAD artists in just a few days!

The creative possibilities are really unlimited, even by your imagination!
(This means apart from designing what you have in mind, you can combine tools to create shapes and designs that you never even thought of!)

Practise your skills From Home!

Uniquely, JDMIS has all of its CAD Lab configured for remote access - students are given login-credentials to allow them to remotely operate JDMIS' sophisticated equipment and specialised software throughout the duration of their training and project work. For those that want to install their own software for use off-line, JDMIS works with GemVision to obtain affordable student-licences of this professional software. Industry users ready to adopt these new tools can also avail of volume discounts afforded JDMIS students from regional software and equipment resellers.

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This course is part of the Fine Jewellery Design learning path, also referred to as JD

Participants attending and completing this programme can choose to enroll for the full diploma

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Course Fee

Course Fee


inclusive of GST

Course Duration

Course Duration

40 hours

7 weeks (1 day/week), or

14 weeks (1 half-day/week)

JDMIS runs week-day, weekend and weeknight courses for this popular course. JDMIS also has flexible make-up schedules and graduates can return without cost for refresher courses (subject to availability).

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